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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Happy Anniversary to Us

52 years ago on October 18th

Pep and I got married at

Calvary Lutheran Church in

Kansas City, Missouri.

I'm ever so glad I married him and
I'm pretty sure he's glad he married me.

This year we are working 
on the next 50 years,

To celebrate we're offering my BOM
pattern "Jan & Pep's Marvelous Adventure"
for 30% off.  You can go to the store to
get your by clicking here.

  I think I should tell you that our
granddaughter Zoie is doing our emails now.
You would probably already know that if
you know Zoie at all.
Zoie is a guinea pig person. 
We bought her her first guinea pig
one time when she was staying here for a few
weeks.  After a little while I said, "Zoie, you 
need to stop feeding her so much - she's getting fat."
She wasn't fat - she was pregnant.  We had
bought her a pregnant guinea pig.

So my emails will have pictures of quilts
and a "guinea pig of the week" picture.
We're also busy setting up a small brick and
mortar store in the barn.  Between that and my 
latest fabric line "Iris and Ivy" things have
been rather busy around here.  We'll keep
you posted on the next Mystery Quilt and
all of our goings on.

See you next week and be sure to
keep quilting.


  1. Happy, Happy - have a lovely celebration!

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