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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Happy almost Winter

And Winter means a change
in the quilts in the house           


This is Winter Wonderland hanging in the foyer

and I'm pretty sure that a kit for this quilt is on

sale for 20% off this week.

And of course we have to have a
Christmas tree.  We've been getting
small live trees at Walmart the last
few years and planting them outside
after Christmas.
This year they had them for sale 
before Thanksgiving.They would
have been a dried out fire hazard by
Christmas so we reverted to the tree
I bought to take to Market years ago.

I'm quite happy with it and think

 I've found my Christmas tree for a few years.

Here it is sitting on a table behind my 
favorite chair for doing my appliqué.
The quilt is "Over the River" 

 Moving to the couch we have the "Olive" pillow

                                                    on the left,  the"Keeping Watch" pillow 

                                                    on the right and the Santa Claus Lane wallhanging 

                                                    in the middle.        

We have to have a Tablestand on my desk.  This

is "Holly Tree Lane" sitting besides Pep's Mother's angel

Patterns for all of the quilts are in the store - the

angel is not.  :)

Neither is the small Nativity scene on the mantel.  

I found this treasure years ago and it's now

a tradition on the mantel.


Outside the chickens got a treat.

They don't mind the cold yet

but Nancy bought them a winter treat.

 It's a Lays treat mix with Cheetos, pretzels

and Doritos.  

She says they LOVE it.

We need to get them more for Christmas :)


And here is Elizabeth's Christmas treat
A raccoon chew toy - the only kind of raccoon
I want on the property.

I'll give it to her anyway but

here's what she did while I was working on

the house.  She told me she was keeping the bed

warm for me in case I needed a nap.

You can get patterns for all of the quilts

by clicking here 

Have a cozy winter ladies.  

See you next week and Keep quilting.


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  2. I love seeing inside a designers home where the 'magic' happens! Merry Christmas Jan!