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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Happy Girl Gang Wednesday

 The special this week is 
Audra's Iris Garden BOM
for 20% off.

This quilt has a story to go with it.
My father was a veterinarian and a
major in the Army.
He died when I was 8 of Hodgkins
Disease and my mother and her 4 children
moved to Kansas City where she built a house.
While waiting for the house to be finished we
lived with my father's parents, Ralph and Audra

Grandmother Laird had some beautiful iris
and when our house was finished she brought
some to our house and planted them.
When I grew up, got married and we moved
to Cameron, mother brought some to our
house for our garden.

Our son Max now has some at his house,
we'll move some to Brians house this fall  
and Kelly has moved in with us 
so we share ours with her.
Audra's Iris Garden has certainly spread out.
Every Spring when the iris bloom I think of
her and what a wonderful woman she was.
And of course, being who I am I had to 
record it in a quilt.  I hope you enjoy making it
as much as I did.

Have a good week ladies with the people 
and quilts that you love.

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