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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We have a Winner

November Mystery Quilt Block

I really want to thank you all for all the awesome names and really nice comments in my quest to find a name for the Mystery Quilt this year. It was really hard to pick one because there were so many great choices. And I finally had to decide on one.

The 2009 Mystery Quilt will be "Cabin in the Pines". Colleen please email Tara your shipping info and she will send you a Cottage Garden kit.

I did decide to use the name "Homespun Stars" for the Featured Fabric Quilt next year so Patchworksail if you'll email Tara your info we'll ship you a Harmony Layer Cake. (Moda somehow lost my order for the Blessings precuts so I didn't get any - Hope Harmony is OK)
And since there were so many really neat entries that I liked a lot, we did a consolation drawing of all of the rest of the suggestions and Nancy of MT won either my last Harmony Layer Cake or my last Hemming House Jelly Roll. Just let Tara know.

Meanwhile it was Halloween! And since we live outside of a pretty safe small town, all of the grandkids congregated here. I don't have pictures of the 2 smallest because they came after Trick or Treating and were very tired.

Zoie had a gigantic pumpkin (not pictured) that called for the Pops and his Spiderco (sp?) knife that will cut through cars. She wanted it carved to look like a guinea pig. It did too! Pops and Max set to work and soon all of the pumpkins were carved. Quinn had gotten his pumpkin at his preschool party and didn't want a bigger one.

Then on to costumes. Uncle Max applies face make up to a "devil" of a face. (Good old Brian Jr.)

Cullen made a great snake!

What a fun night.
They were all cozy in their costumes. Grandma only wore her jean jack and almost froze to death. Silly grandma!


  1. Great names you choose from the contest. It was fun. Congrats to the winners.
    Your Halloween looks so fun.

  2. Thank you very much Jan for the Homespun stars pic, I did speak to Tara at your website , now I know who she is LOL ! :) We got squared away Thanks again .......Patchworksails
    I have two email addys now I had lost my gmail acct and now I managed to get the name back.

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  4. Let me try this again :o) I am so excited! Thank you very much :o)

  5. Thank you Jan, I will email Tara with my address, Nancy in MT


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