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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Busy as a Bee & Growing like Weeds

Both puppies and grandkids are growing in leaps and bounds - sheesh!

Here Spike is playing with his great friend Duke, Max's dog. And Duke is ever so patient with the little puppy that pesters him all of the time. I occasionally have to put Spike in his kennel to help him settle down, he plays so hard.

And not to be outdone, Quinn and Cullin are growing like weeds too. Here they are with some of the baby chickens.
And the chickens have been part of the busy as a bee syndrome. For the first time since we lived here, we have had a chicken hawk. We've lost quite a few of the babies, it leaves the big chickens alone. I know it's a hawk because I saw it in the brooder pen one afternoon when I came down from the loft to get a drink of water. We ordered netting and covered the pen and we were still losing chickens. I finally figured out that he was landing on the gate to the pen and coming in under the netting there. We covered that small space and have stopped him - hopefully. At least everyone has been safe long enough that we ordered new babies. Sorry hawk - go work for your food and eat vermin like you're supposed too. These ladies lay our eggs. And they're our friends.

This is 3 Cabins, the Wallhanging Club kit we just sent out. It's made totally of the homespuns from our Classic Wovens line. You can order it here. I just love the homespuns. I almost always use them as backing because I like the way they feel. Occasionally I do a whole quilt out of them and this is a favorite of mine. Homespuns are so soft and comfy and quilty.

The latest Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine is shipping. If you want a subscription you can order one (or buy a single magazine) here. You can find a pattern for

"Sunflowers and Scarecrows" in this issue. You can also buy a kit by clicking here. It's a really fun kit and while I'm waiting for the first real tomatoes, I'm also starting to long for Fall. Working on a Fall kit always helps me through the heat :).

Speaking of heat, I just went to Ponca City, Oklahoma to give a lecture and teach a workshop with the Pioneer Area Quilt Guild. It was 110 there one day and they are having a major drought while up here people are coping with flooding. I'd send them some rain if I could.
Heat or no heat, we had a great time. All in all a great group of women. I want to especially thank Jane and Bill Thomason who graciously let me stay in their beautiful home as well as their program chairman, Cheryl Ramsey for squiring me around.

Spike wasn't fond of my trip however. Pep said he climbed into my chair looking woebegone a couple of hours after I left. Pep sent the picture to me on my phone and titled it "Missing Mom." It broke my little heart. We both survived though :)

I realized that I forgot to mention my trip to Warrensburg, Mo. in June to speak at their Guild. Another really warm group - if you're in the area, a great group to visit and join. And lots of thanks to Toni and Dave Peerbolte who put me up for the night. This is a picture of just a small part of Dave's train garden. It's really fun. - Make a great quilt - hmmm!
Well, the chickens are safe and I go to Jefferson City, Mo. to speak at their guild next Tuesday. Today I get to slow down and stitch a little.
Have a good weekend.


  1. oh I love these newsy blogs with photos! I can't wait for my issue...I am making that scarecrow!

  2. It looks like you have been busy, inside and out.
    Love your new pattern, can't wait to get my issue.


  3. Spike is too cute! How can you stand to leave him? Love the 3 Cabins in homespuns.

  4. Oh I look forward to the next Primitive Magazine, we will be a bit later that you, it takes a while to come to New Zealand.

  5. Oh I Love your 3 cabins quilt!! And looking forward to the next Primitive magazine :-)

  6. Thank you for presenting a wonderful program at our guild meeting in Jefferson City. Your work and stories about your quilts are very inspiring!