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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lazy, Hazy - My Eye!

Old song from my youth - by Nat King Cole, I think, - about Lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. I always think of it about this time of year and wonder where they lived. Certainly not in the country.
A week or so ago, I went to Jefferson City, Mo. to give a lecture to their guild - another really neat group of ladies. My thanks to Bev Coleman, their program chairman, and to Janet and her husband Phil, who put me graciously up for the night. It's always so neat to see not only the quilts by the guild members but the ones in peoples homes too. And by the way, watch for an awesome cookbook they're putting together for a fund raiser. If the food at the meeting was any example the cookbook will be great!

Then the next morning, being so close, I had to run by and see my nephew Jewell and his wife Heather. And of course, my great neices Emmie and Mazie. And they are great too.

The following Saturday I finally got to run over to Hamilton to teach a machine applique class at Missouri Star Quilt Co. We've been trying to schedule this class all spring and we finally made it! Here Carolyn Peterson and Jenny Doan are working away and

Kelly and Mary Beth are too. It was a great class and I think everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

And summer or not, every afternoon the dogs and I go for my walk. When we get back to the top of the hill Spike just climbs in the watertub by the chicken yard and sits down. He reminds me of that old time picture of the baby in the tub. He's a whole 4 months old now and quite a handful. He is a bulldog. Part of the purpose of the walk is to wear his little puppy self out so the evening will be a little quieter.

Then every evening the garden needs watering - flowers and veggies. We've had our first tomatoes so as usual, I'm now ready for a freeze :). Have I mentioned a lot how much I dislike hot weather.

We finally seem to have the hawk problem taken care of for now so new baby chickens have gotten here. Cullin may follow in the footsteps of his great grandfather and great uncle - my brother - and be a vet. Every chance he gets, he's up with the chickens........

or playing in the sprinkler with Quinn.

There has been some quilting going on - a little, at least. We're having Christmas in July here and this week you can get 15% off of Christmas 101 if you buy a signed copy of Country Quilts for Your Soul.

And it's time for me to go stitch. Pep almost has dinner ready - it's his night off - and I am ready to sit and stitch and then eat.

Stay as cool as possible, ladies.


  1. great photos Jan but that one of Spike in the tub is too funny - love it. Lucky you, lucky Spike. I too hate the heat.

  2. Hi Jan, Its been a while since Ive been here . Did I miss something or is your store gone ?? I also have a question for you . What kind of thread is your prefrence for hand stitching ? Not applique, just piecing . I use quilting thread for quilting but lately I have been using up a supply of Conso hand sewing thread and it is tangling and knotting up on me like there is no end to it.. So I will ask a few of my fav bloggers what they use and give them a try..

  3. OOOps Sorry I forgot to identify myself , Im Izzy winner of your pattern naming contest for Homespun Stars !!!

  4. Izzy, For hand piecing I use the same thing I use for hand applique - Italian Cucirini Tre Stelle 60wt Egyptian Cotton Thread. I sell a limited number of colors - Sue Spargo sells more colors. I know what you mean about the knotting - that's why I use this or Swiss Mettler Silk Finish for both hand piecing and applique. And thanks for the tip about the store. While I was in France Goodsie redid things and the urls on some are different. I never know it until someone tells me. Thanks. It's fixed.

  5. Thanks very much Jan I will try it, I am going to try a few until I find something I really like..I will go see your store :)