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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Almost done

This is Block #11 of Over the Meadow, the Block of the Month quilt that started last March and will end in February. It is turning into one of my all time favorite quilts. (Although I agree with Linda (Brannock) that my favorite quilt is always the one I'm working on.)

And I am working on this one. After the Santa block there is only one more and the quilt will be complete. (And could the lady who asked me to please substitute another block for the Santa one for religious reasons, please get in touch with Tori or Byron at 816-632-7632- I can't find where I wrote your information. Sorry.)
Anyway, my quilt is almost done. It sewn together and beginning to look like a quilt instead of a series of blocks. Everything is on but the outside borders. It will be ready to go to Lori's to get quilted tomorrow. I am so excited!

Here are the borders and sashing that will be shipped with the block this month - fabric from the Classic Wovens and Together fabric lines.
The picture is good but the quilt is awesome - even if I do say so myself. It is really neat when the actual quilt turns out to look like what I saw in my mind's eye months ago. And this one did.
I'll show it all to you next month with the last block but meanwhile you'll just have to be patient and use your imagination. The blocks are on the side bar.
I am such a meaney :)
Meanwhile, next year I'm changing gears and going back to sending the Featured Fabric quilt out in blocks of 3 starting in April. It's going to be an Album quilt with flowers - coxcombs of course along with others. I'll post a drawing on the blog soon along with sending an email.

Meanwhile, I'm quite content. I just love Over the Meadow!


  1. Hey Jan, I have tired several different ways to contact about not receiving my Santa kit...hope that you can help!

  2. The block looks great, anxious to see it finished! I will have to read past posts to see what you are using and the construction.

  3. Never mind obviously have a great guy working for you (Byron)my grandson's name...cause he solved the mystery. This post really got me wanting my Santa!

  4. I can't wait to see your finished piece, have enjoyed seeing all of the blocks for this one.


  5. Jan
    Your Dec block is screaming to be a hooked rug, very nice
    How is Spike?
    See you in KS

    1. Spike's fine. So make it a hooked rug - and put me down for a kit :) Jan

  6. I have written several emails regarding two orders I placed with your company and have not received. I have the invoices marked "PAID" and have not received the orders. One is from December, and the other from the beginning of this month. Would someone please look into this for me??? NO ONE has answered a single one of my emails!

    1. I know, we've really been having trouble with the emails. I do apologize. As far as I know all the orders have been shipped. Email Tori at and she can check things for you. Again, sorry. Jan

    2. I did end up getting one of my orders finally. I've been told the other one is now out of stock, and I was supposed to receive a refund several days ago. I have NOT received the refund. If this is not taken care of soon, I will be contacting my credit card company.

  7. Hello! Just a note about your emails. The ones you send out to advertise your specials don't contain any links. I would like to click on the special and go right to it. You should take a look--I'll bet you get more sales.

    Cheery wave from

  8. After reading the comments here I just have to add my own post. I ordered several books and a kit on January 5, 2012. I waited 15 days and started to email Jan Patek at the email listed at her site. After 3 emails with no response I started calling and leaving messages . After the 3rd call I finally got some guy on the phone who sullenly told me he could not help and that he needed the office assistant to call back. When I asked when he said he would not tell me. I have finally filed a complaint with Pay pal
    The statement I will make to Jan is that quilters are not rude, BUT they are entitled to be angry when someone takes their money and does not send the products ordered or even return emails or phone calls.
    Yes, I am upset and for the life of me I do not understand how you are successful in the quilting world when so many people in the business are genuinely warm and honest.

    Please help me this is not right.

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