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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stuff "N Such

This is Cabin in the Pines, the February Quilt of the Quarter that will ship this month. If you belong to the Quilt of the Quarter Club, yours will be on the way soon. If you don't belong to the club, you can still buy one by clicking here. And if you like big quilts and my quilts, you might consider joining. You'll get 4 kits each year and you'll get 15% off of all of them. A pretty good deal.

Oh my - what a month. It just sped by with lots of things going on. And I'm not sure why but we got really behind for some reason. This is the first block of the Collector Series, our 2012 Mystery Quilt. The Mystery Quilt block is supposed to ship around the 15th of the month. This one didn't ship until the 27th :(.

Here is the 2nd block. It WILL ship around the 15th.

That's when we ship them. When they get to you is another matter. Tori drives all of our mail to Kidder, a small town nearby. Her late husband's father is postmaster there and he makes sure they all go out. That has solved a lot of our problems but there are still a few. What we have noticed is that there are certain customers who don't get their blocks for 3-4 weeks - the same ones every time. One of them is a good friend of mine. She lives in Lee's Summit which is an hour away but it takes 3 weeks for the block to get to her.
Please, people, don't call my office person a liar when he or she says we have shipped your order just because you haven't gotten it. Most of our customers are neat people but every once in awhile I think a nonquilter sneaks in somehow. Quilters aren't rude :)

Pep sent me this cartoon to post. The sign on the front desk seems to indicate that we're not the only ones having this problem.

Anyway, this is the Mystery Quilt with the 1st 2 blocks drawn in.

This is Zoie last night holding her very chubby guinea pig, Phoebe. We purchased Pheobe for Zoie just before Christmas and she and Zoie are awesome friends. We decided last night, however, that Phoebe really probably shouldn't have her food to eat at will. She has gained a lot of weight since we got her as a young guinea pig.

And these are the two baby guinea pigs that Phoebe had last night after we went to bed.
Obviously she was pregnant when we bought her. We won't even talk about how excited Zoie is. And she said she felt really guilty about calling Phoebe a "Chub-gut". :)

We printed pictures for her to take to school.
I'm still not making Phoebe a quilt though :)


  1. No, she would eat the quilt and then she would be fat!

  2. The Phoebe story is too funny! Good chuckle for the morning! The mail lately has been a problem everywhere I think.

  3. Hi and first sorry for my bad english....
    As I have no answer to emails I send you, I would post them in your facebook's page.
    I still have not received my order placed on 11/19/2011 and paid by Paypal to the tissues of "Here Comes Santa" appeared in the magazine Simply Vintage.
    It starts to worry and I'm really disappointed because I wanted to do this year.
    I hope you will be able to address this...
    My mail :

    1. I'm going to answer both of these comments in one, it's easier :). I'd be worried too. Isa62, please email about the missing kit. That's Tori's email address and she's the one that does the shipping. She's going to start taking over the other email address too because most of the emails are about shipping problems. Any orders, etc. will be forwarded to Byron. Anyway, she will be able to tell you when it was shipped. After this amount of time it may be lost and we'll ship another one. If it doesn't get through we'll simply refund your money. I can't tell what country you're from but we really have trouble with shipments to Holland. Don't know why.

      I started shipping kits years ago and have had very few problems until March of 2011. And yes, UPS is much faster and more reliable. It also costs quite a bit more. If a package weighs over 2 lbs, UPS is cost efficient. Under 2 lbs the post office costs quite a bit less and most people don't want to pay the extra. Priority Mail costs quite a bit more than 1st Class. We may have to just raise the price of the BOM's to include Priority but again, we don't have a problem with most shipments, just a few.
      And UPS overseas is prohibitive.

      Anyway, I wish the post office would get things together. Customers are unhappy and I don't blame them but there is only so much we can do. We shipped to one lady in Holland 3 times and then finally gave up and refunded her money. That was before we started using Global Priority. It costs more but will usually get the kit overseas.

  4. Jan, just to let you know, your package came to me (in Lees Summit) in one day via UPS. Perhaps UPS is the way to go instead of the post office.

  5. Thank you for your answer. I send a mail to Tori's email adress.
    Isabelle from France

  6. I received the first collector series block without having set up payment. I have called and emailed multiple times to set up credit card payment and find out where my 2nd block is. Can you give me any help?