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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday & The Featured Fabric BOM

For anyone that follows football, this is the culmination of the season - the Superbowl. And since a lot of women don't particularly get into football a lot of quilt shops are open and have Superbowl Sales.
My husband is not a football fan but I am. So are both of my sons and my daughter. When my mother was little she was the oldest child - and there were no sons for quite awhile. So my grandfather Berkey took my mom to all of the Indiana basketball games with him. My mother was a lifelong sports addict. She followed football, basketball, baseball, tennis and golf. She knew all of the players and all of the stats. Pep used to say that if there were a tiddlywinks championship she'd watch that.
In the fall, Saturday was college football day and Sunday afternoons were profootball. She would make a huge batch of chili on Saturday and then usually Spagetti Red (spagetti with chili) on Sunday.
So to me and mine, football means family. In our house, however, Pep does the cooking (and then usually reads during the game) :). Tonight his friend Mike (who does like football) is coming over too. We're having Pulled Pork sandwiches with Jalepeno Cole Slaw and homemade potato chips sliced on his mandolin (sp?). Yum. So I get to sit and stitch and watch a good game (hopefully) and eat yummy food.
To give you an idea of who we want to win, here's a block of the football quilt I'm slowly making for Brian Jr. for his birthday next November. Brian Jr. also plays football for his Junior High but I'm using the Patriots color scheme for the quilt. I may make a label block for the back out of his school colors with his Junior High number on it.

Brian Jr. has been a Patriot fan for years. His dad tries to take him to at least one game every year which is quite an outing since the team is the New England Patriots and Brian Jr. and his dad live in a Kansas City suburb. Last year they went to the game in Chicago. When we caught it on TV, the field and all of the spectators were covered in snow. I much prefer those games from the comfort of my living room. :)
I'm making 20 football blocks using a pattern from Barbara Brackmans Sew Sports book. I enlarged the pattern a little to fit on a 10" block instead of a 9" block. When I get through with the football quilt, I'm going to make Jake a track shoe quilt. I've been wracking my brains because my teenage grandsons needed new quilts and this book, my friends, is the answer.

On a different note, I am so excited. The Over the Meadow quilt came back from Lori's yesterday where she did her usual stupendous job of quilting. When I laid it out over the couch Spike immediately trotted over to get in on the action. He loves quilts. And I love, love, love this one. It's trimmed out and ready for the binding now. I hope to stitch on it through the Superbowl. (Brian Jr.s birthday isn't until November so I have plenty of time to work on his.) And I'll need to post a good, flat pic (hopefully - it's huge) after I get the binding on.

And here's a drawing of the next Featured Fabric BOM. I had intended to go back to sending it out in quarters like I used to but fabric wise that just won't work. Our new line coming out in March is spring colors (duh - it's spring) and in my minds eye this is a darker reds, greens and tans Christmas type quilt.
Have I mentioned that I like a large variety of styles of quilts?

It does follow the tradition of being a large quilt - 90" x 96". It will cost the same as last year $22.50 a month. If you're already on the FF Club list it will come to you automatically unless you email Tori at and tell her you don't want it. If you're not on the list you can email her at the same address to get on the list. The first block will ship in March. If you are overseas we will hold the 1st 3 blocks and ship them together Global Priority. Or you can pay an extra $10.95 a month to get them each month.

Time to go to the loft to hem up a pair of Pep's pants and get that binding on.


  1. I never watch football and BIll lets me watch what I want, but he is working and there is so much news about the games and the activities around it, I just have to watch, lol. Of course i want the Patriots to win;)

    Love how your quilt came out, beautiful work.


    1. Love your work too Debbie - on the Prim page. Don't comment much because I hardly have time to breathe sometimes, but everyone does really nice work. Love to see all the applique.

  2. OMG. I love the Over the Meadow quilt! I'm working on it but am so far behind it's ridiculous. I had shoulder trouble then surgery on it and lost six months of stitching time. I was going to skip next year's quilt so I could get caught up but I love your next Featured Fabric quilt and red and green quilts so I'll just have to stitch faster. LOL

  3. Tell your shoulder to behave. Sorry to hear of your trouble. I always feel bad when I can't stitch. I'll say a "catch-up" prayer for you.

  4. is over the meadow going to be avail as a pattern or book?

    love it!

    1. I'm wanting to do a book of my larger quilts later. They just don't show up as patterns well. Thinking about it.

    2. well alright then! it ready?! Love the new one too, just the drawing is beautiful! is there anyway to get just the patterns, not the fabric?

  5. Not at the moment but we're working on it. :)

  6. Jan I love your Over the Meadow pattern so much. Can you please tell me how to buy it from you? Thank you

  7. Your finished featured fabric BOM is fabulous!!!

  8. Your fabric is wonderful. The strips would be nice for a purse. I have finished at least 4 of your mystery BOM's. Bev