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Thursday, June 14, 2012

And Whether Pigs Have Wings

First, lets go back to last week when I got to impersonate Laurie Simpson - well, teach her class when she got sick.  She came down with Double Pneumonia when she was supposed to teach an applique class at Heidi Keisand's Hen & Chicks Quilt Shop in Conrad, Iowa.  I got a "Help" email from her sister Polly Minick, packed my van, picked up Polly in Des Moines and off we went to Conrad.

Here's her quilt Summer Roses- it's featured in their book American Summer.  I just love it.  Besides this quilt there is an awesome pieced star quilt and loads of Polly's stupendous rugs.  I never have time to make other people's quilts but I still get books just to look at the pictures.  This one is a keeper.

  In class we were concentrating on the center blocks in the quilt.

I always love seeing the variety of fabrics and colors that come with teaching and the ladies here made some great blocks.  They'd better send me jpgs of the finished quilts.


You can see here in the background the set up at Hen and Chicks for sleeping at the retreats.  There were rows of beds with quilts behind the dividers.  And each row had a set of dividers to separate it.  It's really a great set up for classes and retreats and the prices are very reasonable.  Polly and I had it to ourselves - sat and chatted and relaxed at night - I appliqued and she hooked.  It was really almost a vacation.

The night after class we did a trunk show - of my quilts, not Laurie's - the plan was that she bring them with her from Michigan.  But I brought quite a few having been prewarned by Polly.  And we had Polly's awesome rugs.  Here's an example I fell in love with.  It's her interpretation of an antique rug and how could I pass up those kitties.  I can't applique or read in the car.  It makes me sick.  I can however, hook. (Pep says I have hooked my way across America.)  :)   Houston, here I come.

Back at home, a visit from the grandkids was in order.  I had missed their smiling faces with such short visits due to Market and then the workshop.

Here's Cullen at one of his favorite pastimes - climbing.  He is an inveterate Spider Man fan and emulates his hero at every opportunity.  Also note the sandals.  The eyes light up when Cullen walks.  How cool is that?

It was also time for the annual delivery of baby chicks.  Got to keep those fresh eggs coming.  How would the grandkids survive without their morning "Egg in a Cup"?

And now, I'd better stop blogging and start watering the garden.  It's coming along nicely and I got to bring my first zinnias in today.   I just love fresh garden flowers on my kitchen windowsill.
To celebrate we put Flower Patch on sale until June 22nd.  I used the picture from Country Quilts for your Soul  because the color is better.
And then it's off to the loft to make a quilt.  What a nice day!

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