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Friday, June 22, 2012

So far - so good - at least I think so.......

This year for the Mystery Quilt we're doing the Collector Series again.  It was originally an 18 month BOM - the first one Linda and I did.  And it's been a day or two since it came out so it seemed like time to do it again, only I'm changing a couple of blocks and putting some together so now, it's a 12 month BOM.  The original quilt got lost somehow - probably it's in a box somewhere in some shop's back room waiting to be shipped.  Anyway, I thought Linda had it and she thought I had it and, and, and.........

The quilt is just full of the things we love - houses, trees, stars, yada, yada, yada.  Here's January - May blocks on the wall in the loft.

And here's June's block that just shipped.

There has been a problem or two with the quilt.  People would call or email and ask to  be put on or taken off of the list for the Mystery Quilt.  Tori would dutifully add or subtract their names from our list in Quickbooks.  Then every other week or so we would get the flash drive with the current Quickbooks and load it into the computer.  Tori didn't realize that she needed to wait to change the lists until we got the newest version.  So she kept overriding all of the work she'd done.
And boy did we get the calls and emails from people who had gotten blocks they didn't want or hadn't gotten blocks they did want - sometimes one each month.
Finally, one day I was in the office and realized what was happening.  Whew!
So now we have a new updated list but we're really not 100% sure it's complete.  If you don't get a block or do get one when you don't want it, let us know one more time and we promise not to override this version - :)
And if you've just seen it for the 1st time and want to get in on the fun, email Tori at or call her at 816-632-7632.  And now that we know what was happening, it will be fun again.

This is "Spring Has Sprung".  Usually I don't put a quilt on special quite this soon after the club ships but I really like it.  It makes me happy.  So I decided to offer it for 15% off.

I need something cheerful to look at and think about.  We're having quite a battle this year protecting the babies

We solved the hawk problem last year with netting over their yard.  So far this year we have had to relocate 3 racoons and one black snake.
Life around here is never dull.


  1. I do love the spring quilt, really happy piece and fun to do.
    The chicks are so cute, hopefully the netting will keep them safe.


    1. The netting is doing fine. But I have to be sure to shut them up early and let them out late because everything else is after them. 3 racoons, no less. And there's probably a 4th nearby. We've live trapped them all by the brooder house. And you have to let them loose at least 20 miles away, preferably on the other side of a river or big creek, or they are right back.

  2. Oh the June block is just wonderful! It seems around here between the ravens and hawk the babies are having to hide all the time!