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Thursday, November 22, 2012

We're Celebrating!

The Girls Made It.  Deer Season is over.  Now, please understand, I am not against humane hunting (which is the only kind done on our property, believe me).  Especially after the horrible heat and lack of rain we had this summer.  Food for deer is going to be very scarce around here.


And the boys knew does were out of bounds around here.  But other people do come onto our land sometimes.  (The last few seasons Pep has hunted deer hunters to tell them to leave.)  And I wasn't sure that the girls just stuck around our house and land.

                                    It was a relief to see them at the feeders again yesterday.   So to celebrate - we're offering our Donder & Blitzen kit at $38.25 (regularly $45) for a week.

                                  And Up on the Rooftop is on sale for half price this week too.

As a side note, I was worried about Moda running out of my fabric for the borders for Coxcombs and Pomegranates.  Indeed they did.  Scroll down to my last post if your want to see the revisions made.  Ripping out borders is so much fun.

Pep has to work tonight and did last night so he'll sleep all day - hospitals don't close on holidays.  I'm going to KC for Thanksgiving Dinner with Max & Co. this afternoon and then will come home and Pep will grill steaks for Kelly & I (Jake & Zoie are at their dad's this year).  Then Saturday we'll have dinner with Brian and family.  

Holidays do get spread out when your kids grow up, don't they?  Lots more good food - but then it kind of makes me spread out too.  :)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


  1. So glad to hear your girls made it! My girls have been hanging around close. Our Deer season ends Sunday! Can't wait to celebrate here in Montana.

  2. I got my reindeer piece from our local shop, like to support them too.
    Loved making it and love hanging it for Christmas.


  3. Upon looking for a primitive crow, I remember a book called Ladybird, Ladybird. I've had it for years.. and there it was.. then decided to Google you and look at this website!! Too much to take in all at once so I've bookmarked and will be back.. Lady you've been busy. !!

  4. Please sign me up to receive your posts. Thank you!