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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Moda Blockheads Bowtie Quartet Block #13 revisited...........

Here is my Bowtie block in it's neat little frame.  

and here is the same block done by Lorraine Hofmann
out of Linda and my line "Country Paths".
I love the way she fussycut the knot on the bowtie :)


Both of us appliquéd the knot and I'm revisiting the block to include my tutorial on making crisp, clean squares like this.
The tutorial shows how to do windows and doors but the technique is the same.  
You can watch it by clicking here.
I had thought that David Schultz was going to include the link in his post but something must have happened so I decided to revisit the block to include it.

Lorraine messaged me today to ask what size I cut the paper square.
The finished square measures 1 inch and you're going to need to fold the fabric over so I cut the paper piece 7/8 of an inch square.

Well - Yesterday was quite a day.  
First the Blockheads Block - always fun and exciting.
Then I remembered that we have to go to Kansas City today for Pep's doctor's appointment at 2:00.  (He's doing very well and we've appreciated your prayers and comments, thank you all) 
I also remembered that my standing appointment at the beauty parlor is today at 2:00.  And ladies, I don't do hair, I do quilts.  
So I had to scurry around and get in yesterday.  Luckily someone cancelled so I got in.

And finally, my dryer decided to stop working.  Pep and I made a late trip to Sears and bought a new washer and dryer - the washer has been acting up too and they're both 20 years old so it's time they retired.

Today I will take my Table Stand Front to the doctors office and stitch while Pep sees the doctor.
And we've ordered some of the little frames to put in the store.  I just think they're so neat!  :)

Keep quilting ladies.


  1. Never a dull moment, eh? Thankfully we have our quilting!

  2. Glad to hear that Pep is doing well and thanks for the link:-)

  3. You have had a crazy month! I love your block and will try to get mine done tonight. Best to you both!

  4. Glad to hear Pep is doing well! 👍🏼

  5. Congratulations to your new hip, Pep! Happy you are doing fine!!!

  6. Congratulations to your new hip, Pep! Happy you are doing fine!!!

  7. Ohhhhh! I hope you get around to releasing Homespun Stars as a pattern... Love it!