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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Moda Blockheads Block #24 - Corn, No Beans by Carrie Nelson

WooHoo - We're halfway there :)

To go to Moda's website to download her pattern
click here.

This is a great addition to the blocks, Carrie.
Maybe we should have called this the "Moda Tiny Triangles Challenge"
I love, love, love the way they look and they make me very
glad that I mainly do appliqué.
And I really really like the way the 6" appliqué blocks 
and the 6" pieced blocks look together

Moving on to blocks done with a Charm Bundle 
instead of teeny, tiny triangles

This is Pumpkins and Pinwheels.  
It's on sale this week for 15% off.

You can go to my website to get it by clicking here.

 I almost forgot about answering the question.
Yes, I have decided on a setting.
There will be an 18" center applique block, 6 " blocks, some 2" sashing, more blocks, a strip with stars, more blocks. 
I can't wait to get started on it but I need to leave the blocks free for photography. 

Now lets go see what the other ladies did with Carrie's triangles

Lynne -

Have a great week ladies and meet me back here next Wednesday for Week #25 of the Moda Blockheads BOW.

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  1. "Moda Tiny Triangles Challenge" LOL! I was telling Carrie earlier this week we should rename this block the "Block of Triangle Death".