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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Moda Blockhead - Block #38

Peace and Plenty
Betsy Chutchian

You can go to her blog to download the
pattern by clicking here.

Question for today:  "What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
Turkey?  Pie?"

Well that ones easy.  
I may have mentioned before that Pep is an awesome chef - 
so is our youngest son, Max.
And I was raised by a mother (my father passed away when I was 8) who
LOVED football - (and basketball, and baseball, and golf and tennis - you get the drift.)
Pep on the other hand went to high school in Hialeah Florida and played
soccer, not football.  He doesn't particularly care for football.
So he cooks and I watch football 
with our sons and sit and stitch.
I do make jello, etc for youngest grandchildren.

My sister Nancy who makes awesome pies comes over 
with a pumpkin pie
and a pecan pie.

That answers the pie part :):):)

Lynne -

Have a great Thanksgiving ladies and don't forget our Black Friday sale this Friday.  Code words BLACK FRIDAY will get you 25% off storewide one day only - from 12:01 am Friday morning until 11:59 Friday night.

Be sure to meet me back here next Wednesday for Week #39 of the Moda Blockheads BOW.

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