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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Moda Blockheads - Block #37

Double Delight Star
Lynne of KT Quilts

To download the pattern go to her blog by clicking here.

I love star blocks - appliqué star block, pieced star blocks.
And this one is great.
Thanks Lynne.

Our question for today is
Do you remember your first Quilt Market as an Exhibitor?  When was it?  Was it exciting?  Terrifying?  Both? 

Linda Brannock and I had just left Red Wagon to start our own companies - 
Star Quilt Co. for Linda and Jan Patek Quilts for me.
We both loved the way antique quilts look but you can't really use them 
so we started overdying new fabric to make it look old.

I had designed "Coming Home Again"

and I thought it was pretty good.  

I bought that red striped fabric at one of Linda's garage sales, removed the color and then overdyed it - 
the blue plaid in the border came from one of Brians' - my son's - madras shorts.

So I told Pep "If I'm going to really do this I need to go to Market and I've never been there".
He told me to get the dates and he'd take off work and we'd go.  
He's only missed one or 2 Markets since - like when he got his hip replaced.  :)

I told Linda and she and Bob decided to go too.

We had booths next to each other.  That was in 1995.
Mark Dunn and Cheryl Freydberg of Moda came to us and asked us to 
design fabric.

Our first line, "From the Prairie" came out in l996 and
consisted of prints and brushed wovens or homespuns.
The rest is kind of history.  We worked together until her death a few years ago.
I have no idea how many lines we did - at least 2 a year.
I still miss her.

And I never had time to get terrified.

Now lets go see what the other designers have done with Lynne's block.

Have a great week ladies and meet me back here next Wednesday for Week #38 of the Moda Blockheads BOW.


  1. Jan, you have such confidence in your creations and in what direction you want to go. I love your quilts, large and small. I seem to be liking smaller quilts nowadays. Keep creating!!

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