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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

So many quilts, so little time.......

This is "America for Me"
a quilt I designed in 2004.

It was published in my book
Lady Liberty.
It was recently pictured on the blog
of Country Threads owned by
my friends Connie Tesene and 
Mary Etherinton.

I first knew about it when I started getting
lots and lots of emails asking for the pattern.

Unfortunately, somehow my book was misplaced,
but Mary and Connie (who have theirs) have
been very helpful in getting me the instructions
 from their book.

What I have been doing the last few days has
been drawing the quilt again.
I've also search Moda's website for the fabrics
to use.  Alas, the background plaid and most of the
other fabrics are long gone.
I've found a lot of good substitutions though
and in a short while (with a lot of help from
my friends) there will be a brand new
quilt called America for Me.
We'll send out an email and announce it
on the blog when it's finished.
I'm pretty excited.  It's always good to meet 
old friends again.  

This is the Jan and Pep block from my latest
BOM I'm working on.  It's called
Jan and Pep's Marvelous Adventure
and is a quilt celebrating our 50th anniversary
which is October 18th, 2019.
It's made out of my fabric line Clover Meadow
that is showing to shops now.
And "no" I'm not dragging Pep along.
We're holding hands and he's letting me
go first because he's a gentleman.
Maybe, I should change the block and 
put my hand behind his.  I'll try that and 
show you next week and see what you think.

I'm showing a quilt each 
week from Oceans Aweigh.
This is Ships, Stars and Whales, 
a favorite of mine.
Whales are so awesome.

And this is my new kitty.
Her name is Katherine - or
Kitty Kate Kat.

So now we have Queen Elizabeth and
Katherine the Great.

I miss my Rufus but she helps a lot.  
Have a good week ladies
and keep quilting.  :)


  1. Love your newest quilt block! Wow! 50 years!! You must have married when you were toddlers!!
    That flag quilt is a beauty!!

  2. I love the flag quilt! I follow Connie's blog faithfully and when I saw your quilt I was sure I wanted to make one! Then not being able to get the pattern! And now it will be available. So excited! I went to my first quilt retreat recently and one of the ladies was doing one of your small quilts. She only makes primitive quilts. It was beautiful!

  3. I have always loved this flag quilt too! I'm excitied to follow along & I hope you will offer a kit for purchase to match. Thanks, Tammy

  4. Love your patterns. Didn't realize you also had a blog. How do we sign up to get notifications when you post something?

  5. Oh, Jan!! I love the flag pattern and was going to order your book, but now I'll wait for your pattern and suggestions for fabric. It's funny, you say your Anniversary is on October 18th!! That's the day I always picked to get married on, but it's never happened. So glad you're making a quilt to commemorate your big 50!! Love it so far!!

  6. Thanks for doing the pattern again and looking for the fabrics Paula in KY

  7. What a happy accident! I found your blog after your flag quilt was featured on Country Threads. So happy that you are re-releasing the pattern! Thank you, I want to make this for my Marine son in law. I think he will love it! I love your Lady Liberty pattern too!

  8. Beautiful kitty and I LOVE YOUR QUILTS!

  9. Love this quilt! I, too, follow Mary and Connie. They are wonderful! Just wondering if there is a way to be notified when pattern/kits come out. Many thanks!


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