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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Blockheads 3 - Block 38

Fractured Rainbow 

by Stacy-lest-Hsu


You can go to her blog to
download the pattern by
clicking here

 and our vintage

book for September is still

Quilts, Rugs & Stuff.

The rug I'm featuring this week
is may Angel Hearth Rug
that went back on my hearth
this week after taking the
summer off.

I've had it for years and it's still 

one of my favorites.

Halloween is approaching quickly

so we have 2 of my favorite patterns

on sale - 

Trick or Treat and

The Witch is In.

The kids in costume are my grandchildren

Zoie is both the angel and the witch -
(depending on her mood :)
Jake is the pirate, Quinn was and still is the "little devil"
Cullen was a baby at the time so he's the astronaut.
Brian Jr. wanted to be somebody scary so 
he's the "grim reaper".  It's a really fun quilt to make
and you can assign costumes or let them
pick - whichever fits your family best.

And then there's Mama.  
I always said that this wasn't a Halloween Quilt -
It's a Statement Quilt :) :) :)

I really miss Market this year - this quilt
always hung by my chair.

I hope everyone is safe and staying well.


lets go see what the other ladies 
have done with Stacy's block.

                                Betsy Chutchian -
                                Jan Patek -
                           Brigitte Heitland -
                                  Lisa Bongean -
                                  Lissa Alexander -
                                       Laurie Simpson -
                                   Vanessa Goertzen -
                                    Stacy Iest Hsu -
                                      Janet Clare -
                                           Jen Kingwell -
                                        Joanna Figueroa -


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