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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Blockheads 3

Block 42

by Joanna of FigTree

You can go to her blog to 
download the pattern by clicking here

Now, I think I'd better explain what's
going on with me and why my posts
may be a little erratic for a short while.

It seems that my body has gotten carried
away with making the fluid that surrounds
the brain and spinal cord.  Too much fluid 
causes pressure on the brain and can interfere
with walking and thinking, among other things.


It's called "water on the brain" 
or hydrocephalus.
My thinking is still pretty much OK  
(only slight memory problems so far)
but walking is exhausting.  
(I wake up, go to the kitchen to
start the coffee and need a nap.)

Luckily it's curable and I found  a 
very good neurologist and neurosurgeon.

What they have to do is make a slit at the base
of my brain and insert a shunt to drain off the
fluid.  Then I'll be good as new.
And my doctor had 7 years of postgraduate 
training at Mayo Clinic to learn now to do it.
To say nothing to the fact that the medical
school he went to is one of the top 20 in the nation.

Max's wife who is a charge nurse at Centerpoint 
(a hospital in Kansas City) and my grandson Jake 
who is in Dental School both checked him out 
to make sure I was in good hands.

On a much lighter note, these are my  Silver Laced
Orpington chickens.   I call them my bowling ball chickens 
because I think they look like bowling balls.

2 things.....1) I can't remember what the specials for
this week are and Tammie has gone home so you'll
have to check back tomorrow 
and 2)  - Lets go see what the other ladies did with Fig Tree's block

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Happy Quilting!!


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