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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

And another Blockheads Wednesday.

 Starting the day with Appliqué 
- quite a few of them before the
center block is done.

It takes me about a day and a half to 
applique a set of stems and leaves
and the flower of course.
The stem with the "yellow rose of Texas" 
only has a couple of leaves but the flower takes
quite a bit longer than the lavender one so
it even out.

On a side note, Pep and I (and my sister Nancy)
got our 2nd Covid shots last Saturday.
Yay!!!!! - Soon we get to see our son Max 
and Cullen and Quinn.
BUT somehow I lost a day.

I usually write my blog posts on Tuesday and
schedule them to go up early Wednesday 
morning. I just realized it was Tuesday so this
is going to be really short.  
I've been thinking it was Monday. 

If I didn't goof it up, our kit on sale this week is 
Grandma's House.

Its 20% off, I hope,
If I did goof it up and you want it to help me celebrate 
getting to see my kids again, 
just email Tammy at
and she'll take your order.

Max slept for 36 hours after he got his shot and I only slept  
most of Sunday afternoon so I guess I was pretty lucky.

Here are a couple of quilts of mine that
people have sent me jpgs of.

Sophie & the Rose Trees by Suzanne Steil

Spring Break by Lizzie Dillingham

Thanks Ladies, they're great!  :)

See you next week and
Keep Quilting

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