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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Saying Goodbye to Winter - we hope

People have asked if I 
decorate with my quilts.
The answer is always 
a definite YES.

Since it's 63 outside it about time
for the house quilts to change from winter to
spring so I thought I would
show you what things look
like at the end of winter.

My couch has 
"Trip Around the Cabin"full of
warm, soft homespuns and lots of 
stars around a center block with a cabin.
And of course you need a couple of 
angel pillows - one homespun, one print.

My chair - where I appliqué each
morning and evening, not only
sports a winter quilt but sits in
front of the desk sporting the Winter
Tablestand Quilt.

Snowmen abound on the mantel
from after Thanksgiving until March.
The rifle is my husbands and is a replica of
a Baker Rifle - a muzzleloader and the first 
rifle adopted by the British, used to defeat Napoleon.
No quilts here but

around the corner in the foyer I always 
hang a large quilt.
This is one of my winter favorites
"Winter Solstice".  It is 73" x 80"  
and was a Mystery Quilt one year.

The Mystery Quilts are some of my
favorite quilts because one block or
set of blocks goes out each month.  
That means I get to appliqué most of
the quilt myself.

At the end of the hall going to the back
bedroom there a space for a small
quilt to hang over my mother's bell
cabinet.  It holds small quilts now and
a few of mom's bells.

This is my sister Nancy's room.
She mainly takes care of the chickens
now since my arthritis is so bad.  She loves 
"Homestead" a Mill Creek Garden
quilt with a chicken house and 3 
Lavender Orpington chickens. 
Orpingtons are an English breed, are
great egg layers and you really can get lavender ones.

So these are "Little Lavender Chicken Birds"

On my bed is "Jan and Pep's Marvelous 
Adventure" - our 50th Wedding Aniversary quilt.

And this is "Little Lavender Chicken Bird" mini
quilt that will hang in the hall starting next weekend.

It will be a busy weekend and a fun one.

Have a good one, ladies.


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