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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Happy Blockheads Wednesday

We're getting a lot closer

to Blockheads 4

Moda told me I'd get all 

the information in February. 


Starting the Day with Applique -
working on the winter Tablestand quilt.
It still needs a moon and 2 stars but
I'm getting there.

This is my bird feeder out front.
I can sit in my chair and stitch and watch
the birds.  I've been trying to get close enough
to get a good picture of all the birds but I just
can't get one.  I've even tried without the help of
Elizabeth and Dobby but I still can't get one.  

I finally gave up and bought a redbird to sit on
the front porch.

Dueces is Pep's cat.  Here they were in 09.

And here they are now.  He's still a handsome
fellow - the cat and the husband.  :)

On sale this week is the 
"I can't wait until Spring"
Tablestand kit.

In case I didn't mention it last
week, our Vintage book for January 
is Say it with Flowers for
50% off.

You can get the Tablestand kit
and the vintage book
by clicking here

Tammy is sick this week so shipping
may be a little slow but it will get there.
Say a little prayer for her.  
Jeff was sick last week but he's OK now.

Have a good week ladies.
Stay warm and covid free.