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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Happy Blockheads 4 Wednesday

Block #24 - Outtakes 
by Vanessa Christenson  

You can go to her blog To download 
this really neat block by
clicking here

Its still August so we don't have a new 
Vintage Book yet but we will next time and
 I've already picked one of my favorites 
for September.

September has always been one of my favorite
months because my birthday is in 
September.  I was a lot fonder of birthdays when
I was younger but I guess it's good to keep
having them.  - Better than the alternative, 
at least.  :)

We do have a pattern on sale this week
however and it's on of my favorites too -
It the BOM for Cabin in the Pines 

We're moving into the months where staying
inside and quilting is a really good idea and
this should keep you busy for awhile.  If
you're already made it for yourself it will
be an awesome Christmas present for someone.
You can go to the store to get your copy
by clicking here.

And speaking of presents, I got myself an early
birthdays present yesterday.  After a lot of
work and some good advice from my grandson Jake
I finally got rid of the algae in my aquarium.  
To celebrate I treated myself to some new fish.

The orange one is an Oranda named Annie,
the black one is a Black Moor named Google
 and the brown one is an AlgaeEater named
Anchovy.   See how nice and 
clear the water is...........Yay!!!

I'm going to eat and watch my fish swim but
while I do that why don't you go see what the 
others have done with Vanessa's block. 

LYNNE HAGMEIER -                 
JENELLE KENT -                 
LAURIE SIMPSON -                 
ANNE SUTTON-                 
BARBARA GROVES - MODA -                 
LINZEE –                 
LISA B -                 
KATE SPAIN -                 
BRIGITTE HEITLAND -                 
CHELSI STRATTON -                 
JACKIE MACDONALD -                 
DEBBIE MADDY -                 
YOU -                 
CRYSTAL MANNING -                 
TAMMY V - MODA -                 
CAMILLE ROSKELLEY -                 
BETSY CHUTCHIAN -                 
ROBIN PICKENS -                 
STACY IEST HSU -                 
JANET CLARE -                 
SHERRI MCCONNELL -                 
BRENDA RIDDLE -                 
VANESSA CHRISTENSON -                 
VANESSA GOERTZEN -                 
COREY YODER -                 
MICHELLE WHITE - MODA -                 

Have a nice week ladies and keep quilting.


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