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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Happy Girl Gang Wednesday

Have I mentioned before that I'm much

                                                      better at making quilts than I am at working

                                                             on the computer?           

                                            This is the drawing of the Tablerunner 

                                             I'm making for my table this Spring.  


                          And it would be very nice if I could figure out

                                     how to get the picture right side up - but I can't.

                                     Since Tammy is at her doctor's office getting her 

                                     blood pressure checked, she's not around to help 

                                     so I'll just let it go.  When I get the little quilt done 

                                        I'll take a picture right side up.  :)

                                      Meanwhile the item on sale is the Spring Break BOM.


You can go to the store to get the whole pattern
by clicking here

And speaking of Spring Break, the FBI is reminding everyone, no
matter what the age, to not take anything that is not prescribed by
your doctor and comes from your pharmacy.

Cullen and Quinn were both here over the weekend and I'm kind 
of worn out so I'll finish this tomorrow.  See you then.

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  1. Can't wait to see the table runner, it is cute, even up side down! I have been trying to contact you. Have sent emails, left a phone message and have mailed a couple notes with no success. I have an issue I need your help with. Please contact me at the email address attached to my blogger account. Thanks.