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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Happy Girl Gang Wednesday

This is what I've been working on this week.
It's called "Spring - Full Speed Ahead"
and it will be my table runner for Easter dinner.

You can get your pattern or your kit by clicking here.

Today it's rainy and somewhat chilly so I'm glad to be inside
but the last couple of days it's been nice so I ventured outside to take
pictures of my chickens.  I just love watching my chickens and
throwing them bits of stale bread or leftover veggies.

These are my bantys - a rather diverse group -
All of these color combinations come from the little
speckled hen that Zoie named Sherran and the red rooster.

And these are mainly Buff Orpingtons with an 
oddball rooster I got because I loved 
the color of his feathers.  He's the head rooster-I'm
not sure why.

This is the latest dozen banty eggs
(they're smaller and cream colored)

And these are the Orpington eggs - 
(larger and brown).

They're all "free range" and taste awesome.
One of our favorite dinners is scrambled eggs
and bagels and another favorite is hash and eggs.

This is the hanging feeder in the banty house.
Jeff made a lid for it because the hens kept
getting inside to lay eggs and I was afraid one
would get stuck.  That was probably just my
paranoia but it didn't hurt to make the lid. :)

This is "Spring at Last" - our special this week.

It's 20 % off and you can got to the store to get either

the pattern of the kit by clicking here.

Have the best week you can with the 

people and quilts that you love.


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