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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Happy Girl Gang Wednesday

It's April and pretty soon it will be May

which means the lawn needs to be cut.

Jeff isn't with us anymore for quite a few reasons,

the biggest of which was my chickens.

Since I only get 1 social security check now instead

of two, I couldn't afford to pay him by the month

so he decided not to shut up the chickens. 

He didn't shut up the bantys or my layers. A raccoon

got into both houses and now I'm back to very baby


  Before he came to work for us we bought a red

riding lawnmower from Sears.  We only used it a

couple of times because he mowed the lawn but it

was sitting in a shed out behind the barn.  Two weeks

ago Tammy and her significant other decided to get it out

of the shed and get it in shape to start mowing.

It will be awhile.  It has no battery, no tires and the

blades are missing.  My son, Max called the Sheriff

and a deputy came out.  We also found out that instead

of taking care of the trash, he was just taking it over the

hill and dumping it which is against the law.

That's enough bad news for today.

My grandson Jake had a friend who has been working

for his father's home improvement company and Jeremy

came out and is awesome.  Besides helping with the new

babies, he mowed the front and side lawns with the

push mower Kelly brought with her when she moved in.

He also said that he lives in Cameron and to let him know

if we have a flat tire and he'll come out and fix it.

Thank you Jeremy and Thank you God.

Now for quilting new.

The special for this week is "The Collector Series BOM"

for 20% off.

Now, have the best weekend with the people and the 
quilts that you love, and I'll see you next week
without watching the news.  My son Max doesn't
watch the news because he says its depressing
and I think I have joined him :)


  1. What a cad! I'm so sorry about the chickens.

  2. I cannot believe he would do that to you!! I firmly believe that what goes around comes around--hopefully he'll get his! ;000
    My daughter just mowed her lawn for the first time--she is a new home owner at 57 and on her own now for the first time...hugs, Julierose

  3. I'm sorry you had such a rough week. I'm thankful he's out of your life!