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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Happy Girl Gang Wednesday

This one will be short but I'll post another tomorrow.

Yesterday was the memorial service at

Research Hospital for Pep and a few others that

died there at about the same time. 

Since people were of different denominations

and religions,  they had music and readings from Islam,

Jewish/Christian and Buddhist sources. 

Zoie came and so did Nina/Maxwell and Valerie 

as well as Bob Smith (Smitty) and Neal Stack 

who both work with Pep for years.  

Pep and Smitty worked together first at Baptist

and then at Research for around 30 years and

Stack came shortly after.  They were armed security so 

every year they all had to qualify with the Kansas City 

police department.   The hospital had a trophy where 

they posted the top 3 winners and every year it was

Patek, Smith & Stack.  Everyone said they cheated

because they came to the farm to practice.

We all brought pictures of Pep 

Here's the picture Zoie brought.

Tristan gave it to her shortly after Pep died.
I won't go into it all but Pep and I mostly
raised Jake and Zoie and we're all pretty well 
wiped out by his death.

At the end of the Memorial, Research gave us all
a memory stone.

There was also a "Litany or Remembrance" read
by Rabbi Steigman but I'll save it until tomorrow.

Now, have the best day with the people and the 
quilts that you love, and I'll see you tomorrow and
maybe have a special.

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  1. It helps so much to have other people remember too. I hope things get better for you with the nice spring weather and sunshine.