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Thursday, July 9, 2009

1st & 2nd

Reproduction of block from 1st quilt - made for Kelly out of muslin. seafoam green and pink floral fabrics. Had sashing and outer border of the pink foral with a muslin stop border. The original quilt is now in quilt heaven having been well loved and well used.


Somewhere in here I found a "Quilter's Newsletter" that featured Micheal James and I started making "art quilts". I even went so far as to get a quilt into Quilt National and was firmly headed in that direction. Then we adopted Brian, Kelly wanted a Christmas Quilt and I started designing quilts for books and patterns. Here then is my 2nd "quilt" quilt. Quite different from my first one, don't you think. See what happens when you let me loose with fabric and color? Linda and my line that will show at Fall Market is going to be "Looking Back". If the colors that are picked are anywhere near right I want to kit Snowbound. It's such a fun quilt. The 3 kids on the taboggan are Brian, Kelly and Max. Pep and I of course are by our house and My sister Nancy and Mark and Matthew are in town. To see one of my latest quilts, go down one post for Zoie's Baskets or look at the blocks on the right.
And if you haven't already gone to Sandy blog, go to it for a walk down memory lane if you have any age on you at all.


  1. I Love this quilt Snowbound and have always wanted to make it. A kit would make it easier :)
    to me this quilt just screams childhood memories!


  2. Your Snowbound quilt inspired my first quilt! When I first met my best quilting friend, she was working on Snowbound. After she finished, we began working on angel quilts using lots of the Red Wagon angel patterns. I love your newest quilt, too, and all the ones in between!