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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 5th of July

Hope you had an awesome 4th of July. 7 of 8 grandchildren and all but one child were here. Good food, good family - luckily we celebrated on the 3rd because the weather was OK until
after we finished with the fireworks and cake and ice cream - then it really stormed but we were all safe and sound inside in bed.
The 2 weeks before however, were a very different story. If you follow the Minick/Simpson blog you've seen Laurie's house with all of the photographers, etc for the photoshoot for American Patchwork & Quilting. Well - I had that many people in and out of my house and my bedroom for over a week trying to fix my DSL connection so I could work. And so Tara could work. My computer is in the corner of my bedroom. I work here - then email things to Tara up in the office. We couldn't charge, we couldn't ship. I couldn't work at the computer because there were people on it trying to fix things. It was not fun! Hours and hours on the phone - my IT lady - my son - days later - still no wireless connection. We couldn't really do much of anything - yada, yada, yada. After a week they finally sent a technician out and it took him over 8 hours to get it done. Still don't know why it happened. If you want to know what I do when I'm stressed out - I have a pretty clean house and office.
And the binding is on Zoie's Baskets. It's ready to go to Knoxville for the booth at the AQS Expo. Come see us there.


  1. The quilt is gorgeous! I too, clean when stressed. It gets the frustrations out and makes me feel better about the house, at least;)


  2. I LOVE your new quilt! when will it be available???? can't wait to see the WHOLE quilt!
    ah yes I tend to clean when I am stressed too!
    glad its all fixed, nothing worse than computer problems in mho!

  3. Here is hoping the bad computer days are behind the new quilt!

  4. Your Zoie quilt is beautiful, glad your online is working now and enjoy your clean house!!

  5. Phew, I was afraid you appliqued the whole quilt to relieve the stress. Glad to read it was only a binding. You are still one of my heros in the quilt world.

  6. Whew! Humor!. Yes, I appliqued the whole quilt while they were messing with the DSL. :) Not. And I agree sometimes were easier without all of the high tech stuff. But again, I wouldn't be able to work at home without it. It's a conundrum. The quilt is available now - come see it in person in Knoxville. It's big so pictures don't do it justice.