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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Down to the Wire

I can check off "Load the Van" on my to do list.

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There's that funny stuff again.
This is the chair I always take so I can work on my next project. With applique there is always a next project. I'm taking blocks for the 2010 KC Star BOM Edie and I are doing for Fall Market. We also have Needleturn Applique demonstrations twice a day. I'll show you the projects in a sec.
And I made sure to lean my seat all the way back when we packed the van. Max is planning to drive way into the night on the way down and I will need to sleep. It's easier leaning back than sitting up straight.

At Spring Market Sandy Gervais had a quilt on the floor for a rug. She said she always uses a quilt as a rug at Christmas and pointed out that they're easier to wash than rugs. they are also quite a bit lighter than the jute rugs I usually haul back and forth I made two of these. This is 95" x 95" and is 2 1/2 Layer Cakes. Cherie gave me the idea to use polyester batting instead of my usual cotton as that would make them even lighter. This was pieced by Tara's Grandma Carol Debault and quilted by Marie at Country Expressions. I think it's awesome. Now I want one for the Grandkids bed - with cotton batting, of course.

Here are the two little blocks I use for the Needleturn Applique Demonstrations I give at Festival - a star and a bird. If you can get down points (obviously the star, bird beak and tail) and inside curves (the bird) there really isn't much you can't applique. They get those 2 little blocks free - I don't charge for the demonstration. And then if they want to use them, there's a kit for this little wallhanging.

I posted the picture of the little quilt in the column on the left. This isn't a Mini Quilt Club offering because that would throw me over the limit for the year, but if anyone in the club wants to order it, we'll give them their 15% discount. It looks like a Mini Quilt. It's not on the website yet but if you want to reserve one email Tara at She is mightily glad this week is over and she's back to her normal routine.
Well - I have to finish packing, do the layout for the kit cover for Summer Nights, make one more stop at the storage unit, make up Pep's list, yada, yada, yada. Max has a Seminar until 5:00 when I'll pick him up in KC and we will head for Knoxville, Tn. Come see us in booth 1024 at the AQS Expo in Knoxville, Tennessee
July 22nd-25th.


  1. Hi Jan,

    Have a safe and fun trip! I know what it's like to pack the van and go. A nap will be called for I'm sure. Don't forget to stop at the antique shops along the way though. Artichoke Annie's is right off highway 70...the perfect rest stop. Look along the highway for signs's just east of Columbia.

  2. I'll try to get Max to stop on the way home. We'll be east of Columbia around 10:00 p.m. on the way to Knoxville and I bet they're closed then. Thanks for the tip. Just love those Antique shop stops.