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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2 days later - We're here!

I'm somewhat tired of riding in things but I prefer cars to airplanes. If things start bouncing around in the wind in a car, I can ask Pep to pull over for awhile. We heard that it was really hot at home but it was in the 50's in Wyoming. And right after we passed the Continental Divide (elevation 7,000 ft), it started snowing. Then it stopped again as we went down.
These were taken at the Welcome Center just in Utah.

And here's a picture of the little critters that live here. They're not tame but they are enough used to people being around that you can get a picture with a zoom lens.

The little green speck walking towards Pep i

The little green speck walking towards Pep is me. He didn't know about the zoom lens :).

It was really neat once we got to Salt Lake to look up at the very tall mountains and watch it snow on the top. We were moving on the Freeway so I couldn't get pictures but I'll try to stop somewhere today if it does it again. Right now I'm off to the convention Ce


  1. Isn't it beautiful? Utah is my home and I still am in awe of the beautiful mountains. Tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny and warm. Wait til you see the mountains then. ;)

  2. What a welcome stop, gorgeous views.
    I am glad you can keep contact during the show and hope you can post photos of all the fun and new things.


  3. Welcome to Utah. Hope you have a great time here.

  4. beautiful, beautiful country - I love it out in the west and the mountains.

  5. I'm another Utahn who wants to welcome you to our beautiful state - hope you enjoy your visit! I'm glad the weather has turned nice, cuz we had a long, cold, wet spring up until now!


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