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Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's Spring??????

Last Wednesday was the first day of Spring.....

Well, here in North Missouri we had a Spring Snowstorm.  I can't remember it's name but it has one.

And although I am absolutely ready for Spring


the snowstorm was breathtakingly beautiful in the 

garden ...........

(Bonnie and Camile left their mailbox at Market and we believe in reuse as well as recycle.  It now holds garden tools and hose ends.  Thanks ladies - love the color, especially here)

and in the

 brooder house for the baby chickens soon to come.

Hunny came out and played and played.

Spike stayed inside where it was warm and slept.  :)

You can't see it but that black bird in the tree has a red wing.  Red winged blackbirds are spring birds around here.    
 There were 4 of them.  Pep said he could just hear one of them saying "I wanted to wait but nooooo.....we had to leave early!"

And doesn't the color of the cardinal just match our Amaryllis in the window.

(I wanted to get a picture of them today against the snow but the snow outside was too bright for my camera and you couldn't see the color of the flowers.)
Pep and I get each other 3 Amaryllis for Valentines Day each year.

So while it's Winter outside - beautiful though it may be,
It's Spring inside.

I've changed all my quilts.  This is Ring Around the Posie - one of my favorite Spring and Summer bed quilts.  You can get the pattern for it in Country Quilts for my Soul or we have the kit on special this week.
Now I'm going to stay inside and stitch on a quilt called Snow Day for spring Market.
Stay warm and keep quilting ladies.


  1. Love the pics of the snow and the birds who showed up so brightly. Originally from MI and now living in OR, I miss the snow...well, sometimes. Thanks for sharing your quilt with us, it is beautiful.

  2. Hi Jan,it sure looks like Spring Indoors!
    We have more snow here in Montana too!
    Thanks for the photos!

  3. You got quite the storm, we are going to get that tonight and tomorrow, but hopefully not that much.


  4. LOVE you post......we just don't get snow here in Whangarei New Zealand, always wonderful to see!

  5. Beautiful pictures is right! Love the pops of color in the white... and hunny looks like she's having a lot of fun! :-)

  6. It's funny you are saying winter won't end ... here in Australia Summer was going on and on. It only just broke last night with rain for Easter (it always rains at least once during Easter here). The humidity was terrible last week and this morning has a definite autumn feel ... finally. Maybe the Earth is turning slower? LOL