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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring begins in 2 weeks?????

Here are the girls at the feeders a couple of nights ago at dusk.  I put corn and alfalfa pellets out for them each night about 1/2 hour before dusk since they are mainly night feeders.  All 3 of them were there but the other one was too far off to one side to get in the picture.  It's tricksy to get it out late enough that the birds don't eat it all but late enough that I don't spook them by being there.
And next week my timing will be all off because Daylight Savings starts Sunday.  
Daylight Savings!

Today was sunny and quite a bit warmer.  The East is getting hit with another huge snowstorm but it's quite nice here today.  These girls are enjoying a nice bask in the sun.

This is "Spring at the Gate" and it's on special this week.
I hope that it's time for "Snow Guys" to come down in the back hall and for "Spring at the Gate" to go up.

I'm crossing my fingers, my toes and well, not my eyes, hoping that Spring is indeed around the corner.  I think we'll all ready for it.

In case anyone hasn't heard about it, shipping costs increased significantly last week.  We had to up the price of our BOM kits a dollar each month and the international shipping has really gotten pricey.  We're shipping international First Class, delivery confirmation (so it will be tracked) instead of Priority so that helps a little.  

 But lets think good thoughts  and, while the snow melts, stitch on this cheery little wallhanging and dream of spring.


  1. I am still waiting to see if we get more snow or rain. I am sick of it and I would love to see some warm sunny days, but before I know it, it will be too hot and I will wish it were cooler, lol.


  2. That's the way it always works, isn't it? A month or two age we were all wondering here if we would really have any winter. LOL. You take care. I thought I heard you were going to get hit again.