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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day 7 of MODA Designers "Spell It With Fabric" Blog Hop - Y,Z

It's going to be a good day.
Not only do we have a couple of neat blogs to hop to but on this end the Heat Pump repairman is due.
Actually, it was kind of nice using the wood burning stove again as a source of heat.
It's a different kind of warm and since we live where we do we have lots of available wood right on our land.  We always leave some for the critters but there's still lots for us.
Getting up in the middle of the night to stoke the fire, however, wasn't quite the chore when we were younger :)

Each day I've been chosing a quilt kit to put on special corresponding to one of the letters in the hop.  I don't have any Y or Z quilt kits any more so I decided to have granddaughter Zoie pick her favorite.
She picked "Let It Snow" so it's on special today.  She said she loves snowmen.  Well, she may get her wish - we're supposed to have another winter storm moving in this weekend.  Aargh!  
Well, we all know who to blame now :)

On to the hop.

My friend Barbara Brackman - maybe she got Y because she knows so many "whys" - sorry Barbara, just couldn't resist a pun here.
Zen Chic is of course, Z

If you haven't made a comment for a chance to win the Fat 1/4 bundle of Front Porch that Moda so generously gave me to give away, click here to go to my post on the 21st and make one.  There's still time.
The random generator will pick someone and the winner will be announced tomorrow.
Good luck ladies.


  1. I'm headed to Crossroads Quilting Retreat tomorrow! At first I thought that you were going o blame me for the snowstorm headed our way because I love the snow! LOL Stay warm!

    1. Our heat pump finally got fixed today so I can design again - yay! Pattern deadline Monday.
      Have fun and tell everyone "Hi" for me.

  2. The snowman quilt is beautiful. And I love snowmen :) The snow have started to melt here in Norway and I hope for a warm spring to come soon. Great givewaway and I cross my fingers and hopes to win it.