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Monday, February 17, 2014

Spell It With Fabric - Moda of course - A,B,C

Welcome to Day 1 of 
"Spell It With Fabric" 
the Moda Designer's Blog Hop.
Over the next 2 weeks we'll hop to quite a few blogs and see lot of new Moda fabrics that will be shipping to your favorite quilt shops.
And you'll not only get to see the new fabrics there will be a chance to win some.


This is Cake Walk made from 2 Layer Cakes & some yardage of Front Porch, my newest fabric line that shipped in January.

And since it's also Presidents Day, I thought I would put on special my Lincoln's Platform Quilt - and honest Abe also starts with an A.

I'm not sure why we also put Jakes Eagles on special - maybe because it looks presidential :).

But now let's hop and see what American Jane, Aneela Hooey, Bunny Hill and Cotton Way have been doing - and what they're giving away  :).

Come back tomorrow and we'll visit 3 of my favorite Moda Designers, Deb Strain, Kathy Schmitz and Fig Tree.
And I'll have a kit on special that begins with D, E, or F.  See you then.


  1. This is a fun hop, can't wait to see your letter piece.


  2. Glad to hear from you Debbie. The weather has really been mean to your part of the US

  3. Dear Jan, I'm so very sorry to bother you on your blog but I have sent several emails to your store email address and have not received a reply to any of them. I placed an order on January 16th and have not received my order. My order # is 1052594. I would greatly appreciate a reply. Thank you very much for your attention to this matter. Sally Hughes

    1. Sally -No problem. When all else fails, contacting us through the blog works. Could you tell me which email address you used. There are 3 or 4 floating around. And we're having trouble with Yahoo again. 2 of 3 emails I sent up to the office today didn't get there. Sigh. I went to the orders and found yours and it shows as shipped. I'll talk to Tori tomorrow and see if she has a tracking #.
      Have I mentioned that our mail service truly deserves the title "snail mail" but this is really slow. I hope it's not lost.

    2. Hi Jan, thank you so much for your reply! Twice I used your contact page form thingie to email you and then the other two times, I replied to the address that sent me my order confirmation. Don't know if that's two different addresses or they all went to the same email? Oh - I just read that you said it was shipped, can you let me know on what date please and if it went Media Mail? Media Mail can be dreadfully slow. You can track Media Mail, fingers crossed that provides an answer to its whereabouts! Thanks again!

    3. Sally - I also checked with Tori who said it was shipped. It didn't go Media Mail so it definitely should be there by now. If you don't get it by next week please email Tori at and let her know. We're out of the magazine but I can ship you mine and see if I can wheedle another out of Sophie at Quiltmania :). Sorry about this.

  4. Jan-thanks for listing all the other designers participating in the "Spell It With Fabric" blog hop. It really made it easy to check out everybody's creative input, and find all the patterns to make my own ABC sampler.