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Monday, February 24, 2014

Spell It With Fabric - Day 6 - P,Q,R

We're hopping again!.  This time our letters are P,Q, & R.
But before we leave I thought I would show you Parasol Princess since its a "P" quilt and is made out of my new Front Porch Line.

This little quilt - really it's not so little - it's 58" x 58" - got started many years ago when I picked up an antique "Southern Belle" block at a flea market.  She had embroidered arms, neck, shoes and parasol handle.

Years later, my very pink and white granddaughter Lilly fell in love with the Disney Princesses.  I used the Southern Belle block to make her a quilt of all the princesses but I do appliqué so I appliqued the arms, neck, etc.

When I decided to make it a pattern I darkened the background using Front Porch fabrics so that things would show up.

And Lori did an awesome job of quilting as usual.

 I'm usually not a "girly girl" but I just 

love my Parasol Princesses.  They are really 
challenging to appliqué 

so I'll be doing a tutorial on them in April.  My April "Table Stand Quilt" is going to be 
April Showers and will be the same block only smaller.  Anyway, I'll be showing you all how I put them together to appliqué.

The quilt kit on special today is Ring Around the Posie.  (P,Q,R).  Here's the pattern picture and the quilt on my bed.  

The color on both of them is really not true.  

This is really closer to the real colors.
Anyway, it's 15% off today.

Whew - lets go see what people are up too.

Minick & Simpson got Q - I want to see what they did with it :)
and Stephanie Ryan is R on the Moda Blogspot.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Dear Jan,
    Well gosh! I'm so happy and excited to announce that my package just arrived in today's mail. Yippie! I must tell you that I was so sad and forlorn and didn't know what to do. So I am over the moon happy (and relieved) to receive my magazine. :)
    Now I see it was sent very recently priority mail insured but there's no note inside with the story of its long journey --- it looks like it may have had a bit of a bumpy ride in a previous life? Was it returned to you by USPS and then resent?
    Thanks again for getting it to me! Sally hughes

    1. Hi again! I'm so sorry, I only just saw your comment on the other post to me that was dated the 20th (I think), sorry! So I guess what I received today (mailed on Feb 21st) was your copy then? I feel terrible about that! You shouldn't have to give up your copy for me (and pay the shipping and insurance on it!).
      The one that your employee says was mailed in January, did it have tracking on it? If it didn't go Media Mail, then it must have Priority Mail and hopefully Delivery Confirmation tracking was purchased. And if it was mailed right after I paid for it on Jan. 16th, it's been long enough for you guys to file a "lost mail" and tracer form on it.
      I would like to send your magazine back to you, I don't want you to be without on my account.
      Thank you for trying so hard on my behalf!

    2. Sally - don't worry about it. I do know the Quiltmania people and when the next issue comes out I'll have them send me another copy of #9. You enjoy - and I do hope you get this one. And I will remember, (I hope - I have a new pattern deadline of Monday for the next fabric line so am somewhat focusing on that) to ask Tori how we sent it.
      They sell out rather quickly.
      Thanks for commenting - I do appreciate it.

    3. And it must have had a bumpy ride because it was fine when it was here - I haven't had time to really read it with blog hops and fabric and pattern deadlines.
      Sorry if it was mussed but at least they got it there this time :)

    4. Hi Jan! Okay, thank you then so much for sending me your copy! Yes, it must have a story to tell, the back looks trod upon, poor thing LOL! I will enjoy it very much :)
      Happy Wednesday!

  2. Love those princess.. Really pretty and very girlie.. Love the posies too.

  3. Hi Jan! Love the Parasol Princess quilt and Ring around the Rosie! Have a great day! I sent you a private message tonight.