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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Block #26

by Janet Clare

 You can go to her blog to
download the pattern by clicking here.

Our Vintage book this month
is still

and besides a few of the quilts in
the book, I thought I would show you
some of the flowers I have on my porch.

Our front porch has brick walls on
3 sides and turns into an oven
during the summer so one of my
favorite kinds of plants are

They seem to thrive and add a 
lot of color.

If you want softer colors you
need to go around the house
to the deck.

Nancy's church gave her these
Pansys on Mother's Day.  
They were pretty gangly so I
pruned them back and put them in 
a different pot.  
They're hanging out here with some
flowers I bought at our local greenhouse.

I love these but haven't the slightest 
idea what they're called.

These, however are "Sea Flowers".
This beautiful Mariner's Compass quilt
was pieced by my daughter's friend
Theresa Offutt and quilted by Jeannne Zyck.
The pattern is in the book which you can
buy in our store by clicking here.
And it's our Vintage book this month 
so it's on sale. 

There's also a cute
Ladybug Quilt

Right now, however
 lets go see what the others have done with
Janet's  block.

Have a good evening and Stay Safe.

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  1. Hi Jan, the green plant with succulent leaves from the stone crops family here is called Fat Hen!!! All kinds of Sedums here are called Fat Hen. It is a food plant and makes hens fat 😊😊😊! Love and hugs!!!