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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Happy Moda Blockheads Wednesday. The block for today is........................

Block 29

Ring Around
by Corey Yoder

You can go to her blog to download
the pattern by clicking here.

It's not news that I am not
a computer person so I'm sure you'll
find it not a surprise that I couldn't figure out
how to navigate the new Blogger.  
I had to go to an old post to even
figure out how to post the block.

So............I have some figuring out to do.
In the meantime why don't you go to
the other designers and see what they
did with Corey's block.

                                                   Sherri McConnell -
                                          Betsy Chutchian -
                                                          Jan Patek -
                                                       Brigitte Heitland -
 Lisa Bongean -
 Lissa Alexander -
 Robin Pickens -
Joanna Figueroa -

And due to a problem with scheduling with the
Facebook group, my post won't go online until. 
6:00 AM.  If you're one of my overseas followers, please
let me know how this works for you.

Thanks and
see you next week if I can figure out how  :)

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