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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Happy Blockheads 4 Wednesday-#6

Spinning into Spring

by Linzee McCray


Speaking of Spring, the farm is bursting with life.
The baby bok choy and lettuce on the deck
are coming along nicely.


And the tulips in the garden are showing off.

Out front two does come down

each morning to munch at the bird feeder.


                                                    The baby banty chickens have hatched

and gotten big enough to come 
outside with their parents

In the garden proper my fancy
Lillies are joining the iris.


Grandson Cullen still has to 

wear his boot for this broken leg

most of the time but still was able to

help rake the garden paths - taking

off his awesome letter jacket, of course.

I've been working on some blocks

from this year's Mystery Quilt - Garden Party.

One of the blocks has a tree with blossoms

so I thought I'd do a little tutorial on sewing

rows of circles "or blossoms"

First cut the circles out of paper and iron 
them to the back of your fabric.
Then cut the fabric out around 1/4" to 3/8" 
all the way around the paper.
Now do a running stitch around the 
edge of the fabric and pull it tight.

Then dot the edges of the fabric with fabric glue.

Glue the blossoms to the background.

Start stitching at the bottom edge of the lower 

blossom in a row and stitch around one side, go under the

background to the next blossom and stitch up the side of 

that blossom.  When you get to the top blossom in that

row,  stitch around the blossom and go under the background 

to the next blossom down.  This way you can stitch the

entire row of blossoms without stopping and tying off.

It makes sewing berries or blossoms much easier.  

If you belong to the Wallhanging Club, your 
kit should be shipping this week.  

If you want to join this club (you get your
kits -4 a year for 15%off and before they go 
into the store) email Tammy at for more information.

And in the spirit of Spring,  Jeff hung

"Birds & Bunnies Herbs and Honeys" 
on the wall in the foyer.

We put the BOM pattern on sale this
week for 20% off.
You can go to the store to get your copy
by clicking here

Now lets take a minute and go see what the
others are doing with Linzee's block

LYNNE HAGMEIER -                 
JENELLE KENT -                 
LAURIE SIMPSON -                 
ANNE SUTTON-                 
BARBARA GROVES - MODA -                 
LINZEE –                 
LISA B -                 
KATE SPAIN -                 
BRIGITTE HEITLAND -                 
CHELSI STRATTON -                 
JACKIE MACDONALD -                 
DEBBIE MADDY -                 
YOU -                 
CRYSTAL MANNING -                 
TAMMY V - MODA -                 
CAMILLE ROSKELLEY -                 
BETSY CHUTCHIAN -                 
ROBIN PICKENS -                 
STACY IEST HSU -                 
JANET CLARE -                 
SHERRI MCCONNELL -                 
BRENDA RIDDLE -                 
VANESSA CHRISTENSON -                 
VANESSA GOERTZEN -                 
COREY YODER -                 
MICHELLE WHITE - MODA -                 

Have a good week ladies and Keep quilting.

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