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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Happy Blockheads 4 Wednesday

Block #16 

                                                         Indiana Puzzle

                                                                      by Tammy Vonderschmitt


                                                      You can go to her blog to

                                        download the  pattern by clicking here

              There's a heat advisory in Caldwell Co. where we live.


In the spirit of  making lemonade out of 

lemons, I decided to sun bleach some laundry.

I'll wait until dusk to go take them off of the Line.


                Elizabeth quickly made her way to the

          water bucket for a big drink while the cats wisely

                                         stayed inside to take a nap.

Jeff was busy mowing the lawn before it got 
much hotter but first he came in a brought me some
 tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden.

Then I ventured quickly out with scissors to get
some coneflowers for the kitchen window.

We all know how much I love purple.

Our Vintage book this week is Libery Garden
and this is one of my favorite quilts from
it called "Liberty Eagles.

Our kit on sale this week is
Fern Hill for 25% off.
You can go to the store to get Liberty Garden
or the Fern Hill Kit by clicking here

Now lets go see what the others have done with Tammy's block.

LYNNE HAGMEIER -                 
JENELLE KENT -                 
LAURIE SIMPSON -                 
ANNE SUTTON-                 
BARBARA GROVES - MODA -                 
LINZEE –                 
LISA B -                 
KATE SPAIN -                 
BRIGITTE HEITLAND -                 
CHELSI STRATTON -                 
JACKIE MACDONALD -                 
DEBBIE MADDY -                 
YOU -                 
CRYSTAL MANNING -                 
TAMMY V - MODA -                 
CAMILLE ROSKELLEY -                 
BETSY CHUTCHIAN -                 
ROBIN PICKENS -                 
STACY IEST HSU -                 
JANET CLARE -                 
SHERRI MCCONNELL -                 
BRENDA RIDDLE -                 
VANESSA CHRISTENSON -                 
VANESSA GOERTZEN -                 
COREY YODER -                 
MICHELLE WHITE - MODA -                 

Have a good week ladies and
Keep quilting




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  1. Jan, I just found your four MIssouri Star tutorials on needle-turn applique and I wanted to thank you for them! I began hand-appliqueing years ago, but have done other hand-sewing lately and wanted to brush up on needle-turn techniques before I dove in again. I went to YouTube and watched tutorials by a different well-known quilter and came away thinking everything I used to do was wrong! (Although the results did look pretty good). I Googled other tutorials and finally found you. THANK YOU for taking the fear out of needle-turn for me. Thanks for your clear and sensible tips on inner and outer points in Tutorial #2. Now I feel like I can do this and am ready to jump back in!