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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Happy Girl Gang Wednesday

And we're going to start with the sale item for this week.  

This is my"Down on the Farm" BOM 

and you can order the pattern (we may even

have a few kits left) by clicking  here.

And this is the gorgeous crabapple tree in

our front yard.  It's finally starting to lose

some of the blossoms now.  When I got up 

this morning there were white dots all over

the front porch.  In the quilt, it's the tree with

the red dots but it's still spring so the dots are white.


Here's what I see when I go out the front door.

I love my japonica too.

And of course, wherever I go, Elizabeth goes.

I'm not sure where Dobby is, but he's 

around somewhere, I'm sure.  You can

usually find me by following the barking.

Pep says I don't need people with trumpets

and flags to "herald" me, I have Dobby.

The bleeding hearts and golden poppies are

blooming and the iris are starting to bud.

And we're finding morels - our favorite mushrooms.

Pep will make us scrambled eggs and mushroom

tonight for dinner and I will

 get to stitch on the Spring Quilt of the Quarter.

Sounds like a great day to me and a great

division of labor.  Whenever I go to a bridal

shower and they have us write a piece of advice

for the bride, I always write "Be sure to marry a

man who can cook." 

Have a great week ladies with the people and 

the quilts that you love the most.








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