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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Happy Girl Gang Wednesday

And Happy May!
Our vintage book for May is

and our special this week is 
the table stand kit for 
"April Please"

You can go to our store to get
either or both by clicking here.
I designed this little table stand in
February when I was longing for
April (hence the name) but life has
been so busy that I lost track of it.
I got it back from my awesome
quilter Becky today and am enjoying
binding it at the moment.  I'll have
a picture next week on the table
stand with a header.  I'm trying to
decide whether to have a "stars" header
or a garden gate header.  What do you think?

This is Kelly's lemon tree that she moved
from her room to out on the deck.
She really started it from some seeds
from a lemon.  It smells awesome.

And this is the view from my kitchen 
window.  I love it.
The bowl on my birdbath broke this spring -
- too many freezes and too much snow I guess.
Anyway, it broke.  I got the birdbath years ago
in Jamesport and really didn't have the energy
to drive back up there to get another bowl 
but I loved my birdbath.
Then I remembered that I had made a "pond"
or puddle in one of the raised beds in the
garden.  It was too heavy for me to carry.  It
doesn't look it but it's really pretty heavy so
I enlisted Jeff's help.  He sat it on the base,  
 we put my stone star in the middle and voila - 
I love my new birdbath.  Elizabeth came 
along to give her approval.  
We have a dishwasher  but I always have to wash
a few things in the sink and now I like the view
out the window again.
Now I just have to remember to take the bowl off
and store it when things freeze again.

That's it for this week ladies.
Hope you have the best week with the
people and quilts that you love.



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