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Friday, May 26, 2023

Happy Girl Gang Wednesday

Which comes on Friday this week.

Our Vintage book for May is

 you can get the book and the special 

for the month by clicking here

We've had a busy month with 2 birthdays and

two graduations.

Kelly and Max were both born in May and

Kelly's son Jake just graduated from UMKC dental


And Max's son Quinn will graduate from high school
at the end of the month.  We're all having a 
dinner for them Sunday.  Quinn is the one on the right.
He wants to major in political science and Max
says that the way he argues with everything, he'll fit
right in.

Cullen is on the left on the crutches.  If I remember
correctly his leg got broken during a wrestling match.
Anyway, we're ever so proud of all of them.

Dentists seem to run in the family.  Our older son Brian 
is a dentist and his daughter Brooke who is in 7th grade
was admitted to UMKC's summer program for
aspiring dentists.  She had to have a 4.0 grade point and
recommendations from 2 teachers.  Wow Brooke - way to go.

Okay, that's enough bragging about grandchildren but
what grandmother can resist.

Since it Memorial Day we'll have 2 kits on sale for you.
20% off of each of them.

Where Liberty Dwells

and Old Glory.

Old Glory is a Tablestand so I'll show you both sides

Front and back.

Well, that's it for today ladies.

                                     Have the best week with the people and guilts that you love best.

In the best country on the world.

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