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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Happy Girl Gang Wednesday

 Memorial Day is coming up soon

so I thought we'd have a

neat quilt for you to work on to

get ready for it.

This is "America for Me" and the kit

is on sale this week for 20% off.

It's one of my favorite quilts.  (My dad

was career Army and Pep's father was 

career Navy so we tend to be a bit patriotic

by nature.)

And this is Jake (one of my favorite grandsons,

now by the name of Dr. Jake Findley).

He graduated from UMKC Dental School last week.

It's been a very busy week.

This is Tigger who came to live with us last week.

He just showed up and made himself at home.  

Luckily there weren't any plants in that planter yet

because it's now his bed.  He looks like he could be

Sam's dad but I got Sam at Petsmart so I'm sure he's not.

He's not ferrel and loves being petted and of course being

fed.  The planter is on the potting bench on the deck and

its covered so he was ok when it rained.  I'm not sure what 

we'll do this winter but we'll figure that out then if he's

still around.

Another grandson Quinn is graduating from High School 

this week and I think we're having a dinner for him today so I'd

better get busy.  His Dad and Valerie are bring all the food but 

I need to straighten a bit.

Have the best week with the people and quilts that you love.

See you next week.


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