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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Happy Girl Gang Wednesday

On Thursday this week.    

It never rains but it pours

And boy did it pour. 

In the middle of a heat wave our air conditioner went out.

Jake went to Lowes and bought small  airconditioner,

Jeremy and he vented it (mainly Jeremy according to Jake) and

installed it in the living room.

We brought down 2 large fans from the loft and it's actually

cool in the front of the house.  Kelly says it's cool even back in

her bedroom.

Meanwhile we found out that all of the sheet rock downstairs

was wet and moldy and needs to be torn out.

  Jeremy thinks most of the water is coming in downstairs 

at Pep's storage room and they need to get into it and stop

the leak, except that I don't have a key - Max has one and Jake

has one but I don't.  I did point out that it's my house.

Anyway I will have to finish this gripping drama when

I get back from the beauty parlor.

For now, I will just tell you that the item on sale this week is

the Eagles & Roses BOM.

You can go to the store to get your copy by clicking here.

Meantime, have the best week with the people and quilts that

you love and I'll see you either later today or next week. 

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