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Monday, December 26, 2011

12 Days After Christmas - Day 1 - Patterns

I just love technology. Today is the first day of our 12 Days After Christmas Sale. Day 1 is Patterns. All of our patterns are on sale for $3.00 off with the exception of our BOM's which are $10.00 off.

Now for the "love" technology part. Our store has "coupons" but they can't be assigned to individual groups of products. So we'll do it manually. When you purchase the patterns at store the checkout will charge you the regular price. Then Byron will refund your PayPal Account the amount of the discount. Or call him at 816-632-7632 to place your order and charge it to your credit card there. You can leave the order on the Voicemail if you see this after hours. And type in "Holiday" or mention it on the phone and get free shipping to the continental US for all orders over $30.00.
Now for the rest of the "Love Technology" part. Kelly is trying to send an email telling you of the items on sale or giveaway each day to all of you that signed up . The email program won't let her upload the images. Last time this happened we had to upgrade our Adobe Flash so she did that again. Nope - still won't let the images upload. And of course, support for the program is limited over the Holidays.
So - check the Blog each day and we'll keep it posted and keep trying with the emails.
Sheesh! :)

On a less technological note - Thank God - here's Jake Christmas morning with this Snowball Thrower. Wow! For trees and buildings only.

And Zoie on her awesome new bike. She did put on shoes and a jacket to go ride it but the weather was really nice here so she got to try it out.

Gabriel, Lilly and Brooke were all sick so we'll do Christmas with them next Sunday. And Cullen and Quinn were at their mother's this year so Christmas with them will be sometime this week.

We truly are having the 12 Days After Christmas.

Happy Holidays.

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  1. It is always nice to spend the holidays throughout the week, with each group, then you can spread it out and enjoy them all a bit at a time;)