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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day #4 - Merry Moda Blog Hop & Puppy Poppers

Welcome back - It's Day 4 of the Moda No-Name Blog Hop. (Different designers have come up with different names. Sandy Gervais calls it the "Gifts Galore" Blog Hop. Kate Spain settled for the Merry Moda Blog Hop after deciding that the Moda Jingleblog Hop might turn into Jingleblop.

The designers to visit today are:

1) Camille of Thimbleblossoms

2) Kathy Schmitz at her blog

4) Kate Spain at her blog and

5) Lisa Bonegean at Primitive Gatherings

Whatever you call it (and I think I'm going with the Merry Moda Blog Hop - thanks Kate) it's got lots of great quilt blocks and giveaways.

Back here at Jan Patek Quilts I'll introduce you to my daughter Kelly

and her cohort, our dog Spike. Kelly is my word person - she does all of the write-ups and sends the emails. And you should all know Spike by now. He is my faithful companion. Wherever I am, he is. His only drawback at the moment is that he loves to chew plastic and cardboard. He wanted to come with us the other day when we went to buy our new microwave so we let him. He, of course, had to stay in the car when we went into Sears. We had been to Sams the day before and hadn't unloaded a few things. When we came out all of the boxes were shredded. He didn't touch the bread or the nuts - just ate the boxes.

He and Kelly picked the House on Hill kit for the special today. It's where she grew up and where he lives now. The code for the 15% discount is house15 and houseship will get you free shipping.

Kelly also helped Spike pick out and type his recipe. We're having to use a new site and we're having trouble with it so at the moment you can't download it. Hopefully we'll have both of the recipes for you tomorrow. Luckily, all my things for my post are already on the blog page ready to post. Whew!. All of this new technology is great .... but can be stressful.

Yay! - she got it fixed. Way to go Michele.

Here's his recipe. To download, click on the words below.


  1. Your Kelly is lovely, Jan. I will make those p-butter puppy poppers for my pooch. Guess Spike got a little bored while y'all were shopping and decided to amuse himself. LOL! I love your "House on the Hill." Thanks for posting special discounts every day.


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  4. I am a regular visitor and I enjoy your postings.

  5. I just love Spike and I love that tablerunner too. Merry Christmas!

  6. SO fun! Thanks for the opportunity!