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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day # 2

There are 5 great Moda designer's blogs to hop to today. Along with Lynne from Kansas Troubles are Joanna at Fig Tree, Julie of Cosmo Cricket, Lucie fromSummersville and Liz at Paper Pie. Each and every one of the has a great block for your Moda Sampler Quilt. And there are some great giveaways too.

Back here at Jan Patek Quilts Tori is my Girl Friday. She cuts kits, orders fabric, prints patterns and does all of the shipping. Lately the shipping has involved a trip to Kidder twice a week (1/2 hour each way) so we can be sure to get things out. Unfortunately for some reason our local post office is somewhat unreliable since last March. And right now Tori and her family are moving to a new house. Nobody was in any shape for pictures so we'll have to do that sometime later. I really hate it when people post bad pictures of me so I don't want to do it to Tori and Wendy. Anyway, Tori has picked Family Circle as her kit for you. To get 15% off just type in the code "family15" and then "familyship" will get you free shipping too. Family is certainly uppermost in her mind right now.

Here's her recipe for a great dip for the Holidays. In her words "there are no real directions for the cheese dip. Just throw it together and call it good!" Sounds yummy to me.

To download a copy of the recipe sheet hit the button below.

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