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Friday, December 2, 2011

Day #1 - 4 Great Moda Designers & Triple Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies too

Today is Day 1 of the December Moda Designers Blog Hop. Each day four or five of the designers will show you the quilt block and recipe that they presented at the schoolhouse session at Salt Lake. You'll be able to download their patterns and recipes - a little Holiday gift to you from us. And some of the designers that weren't at Market have added a block and recipe to the mix. At the end of the week you'll have the blocks for a great sampler quilt (my favorite kind of quilt) and maybe even a wallhanging or two and lots of great recipes.

The designers featured today are:
Minick and Simpson - (you've got to see Polly's house and I want that giveaway rug)
Bunny Hill's Anne Sutton
Barb & Mary from Me & My Sister

Meanwhile, at Jan Patek Quilts, I needed something to post each day besides the designer picture. It's a neat picture but could get really boring after a day or two. I decided that everyone here could get in on the act. Each day you'll meet one of the great people who help Jan Patek Quilts stay together so I can design and sew - my favorite things in the world outside of my family and dog. And they'll give us a recipe for our Christmas party and pick their favorite kit to be on sale for the day.

So today meet Wendy Karr. What - no picture. Well Wendy is camera shy and was helping Tori and her family move Friday before the rain set in, so no picture ........ yet. I have my camera ready and am waiting. Check back later.

You see Wendy's name on the pattern covers or books under "sewer". Wendy is an absolute whiz at piecing and machine applique. She does, however, hand all blocks that need hand applique over to me (or Amy or Marie). For some reason, she's just stymied by the hand work. Which really is fine with me because it's my absolute favorite thing to do. My day is not complete without some stitching to do each morning and night.

The quilt kit that Wendy picked is Tic-Tac Baskets. As you can see, it's just made for her - great piecing and machine applique. Today, until midnight, it's 15% off and free shipping. Just type in the code Tic Tac Baskets to get 15% off and then Tic Tac to get free shipping on your kit. We're new to the "coupon" thing so if you have any problems email Tori at (Byron's in class today) and we'll fix it.

Wendy, poor girl, just returned from a week in Hawaii so she said her recipe had to have macadamia nuts in it. I can't wait until our office party to taste them.

To print out a copy of the recipe sheet, click on "Download Now" below.
Download Now!

Come back tomorrow to get the links to 5 more Moda designers and their patterns. And to meet Tori and see what she has for us.

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  1. Maybe I should finish my angel that I started last year, lol.
    I was going to make it into a wall hanging and have the angel done, just need to decide what I want around her, maybe a welcome one, need one of those still.