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Monday, September 1, 2014

Have a great Labor Day - full of family and food .......

........and of course - stitching.

This is our latest Mini Quilt - "Back to School".  
I'm really having fun with these.  They're small and I get to do some handquilting again.  The tutorial will be up soon.
Todays a good day to order the kit or pattern (or anything else you might want)  because it's the last day of our free shipping - just use the promo code LABORDAY.

One set of grandchildren has already come and gone this weekend.
Lily put it on her and Hunny actually wore this for about an hour before she tired of it.

Today is Labor Day and Kelly and Zoie are coming over to labor a bit.  We've already cleaned out the chicken house but we need to go back in and sweep out spider webs again.  They build them as fast as we sweep them out.

And somebody always has to babysit Bopper when I clean their house each week.  
I take the straw and use it to mulch the pepper plants and chard in the garden.  
(Bunny leavings are awesome fertilizer.)  But its tedious to put down the straw & stop and lock the gate to their yard every time.  If I don't, Bopper is naughty and pushes the gate open.   Then he gets out of the chicken yard and into the garden.  
Last time it took me quite awhile to get him back in.
And it's not a good idea for bunnies to spend the night out around here.

But after our labor, the fixings are all ready for a great meal - grilled chicken, pasta salad, deviled  eggs and a veggie tray, Pep's sour dough rolls and 2 desserts - chocolate cake and ice cream and Pep's awesome coconut pie.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the first day of the Moda Love Blog Hop.
Tomorrow we'll visit Janet Clare, Kate Spain and Camille

See you then.


  1. Thanks for the lovely post, Jan. I just finished your Cedar Creek wall quilt--and posted today...I really love your fabrics....thanks so much for the video--it made my first try at applique so much easier....hugs, Julierose

  2. Sounds like you had a fun time with your family. Bunnies are funny, they are always too smart for their own good.


    1. Buenos días !!
      Perdone que la moleste otra vez
      no se como contactar con usted
      pedí tres patrones el 4 de julio
      como no llegan le envié 9 correos y no tengo respuesta